About The Dead Projects:

    As of right now we are preparing ourselves to begin this journey but before we begin we would like to share with you guys a tease of what we produce. From this moment to January of next year we’ll be publishing canceled or canned projects under the section “dead projects vault”. These are projects that we worked on during our spare time from our work at Graphic Leak and to take a break from all the stuff related to advertising and illustration commissions. However, these projects were made as a side thing and had many interruptions, diverse problems during their making, and eventually the process came to a halt due to a lack of consistency and loss of interest in these projects. Our scope is to produce enjoyable coherent stories not only for us but also for our audience and we felt that these projects did not meet those expectations in their current state.

   Now that we decided to switch things around and leave advertising more as a side thing in order to focus on our real passion, which is comics, we decided to can these projects and start again with new and better planned stories or remake them altogether, in the mean time, we considered it’d be unfair to let these old canceled projects rot in a corner so we decided to share them with you guys, even if they are unfinished works they could serve well as samples of our work and teasers of what we intend to produce here at Comiz-Inc.

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