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As the name already implies, Comiz-inc is a place dedicated to comics, to be more precise, Comiz-Inc is a site for publishing: original web comics made by the people from the Illustration and Design studio known as Graphic Leak.

(If you wish to know more about the studio or hire our services, please visit our website).

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These are projects that we worked on during our spare time from our work at Graphic Leak and to take a break from all the stuff related to advertising and illustration commissions.

However, these projects were made as a side thing and had many interruptions, diverse problems during their making, and eventually the process came to a halt.

Now that we decided to switch things around and leave advertising more as a side thing in order to focus on our real passion, which is comics, we decided to can these projects and start again with new and better planned stories or remake them altogether, in the mean time, we considered it’d be unfair to let these old canceled projects rot in a corner so we decided to share them with you guys, even if they are unfinished works they could serve well as samples of our work and teasers of what we intend to produce here at Comiz-Inc.



It´s Gonna Be Better Tomorrow

In the distant land of Phenix Vallée everything seems to be eternal peace and perfect order, but the peace is about to come to an abrupt end. Now it is up to prince Etienne to embark on a quest to save his land and the world from decay.

Created By:

Alejandro Gonzáles, Guillermo Gonzáles, Javier Almonazi, Rodrigo Tobias.


MONSTER-EARTH-COVERThe apocalypse is about to begin in the depths of the grand city  and the only survivors will be a group of teenagers. They’ll have to overcome their own fears and insecurities and dominate the monster that lies within each one of them if they want to stay alive.

Created By:

Rodrigo Tobias & Jorge Mercado



Yulian is having the most boring vacations of his life with his grandma in the countryside, what he doesn’t know is that the place where time stands still hides a family secret that will take him to his own particular wonderland.

Created by:

Rodrigo Tobias

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